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It was a real joy attending the first of the Children's Workshops workshops organised by Jaya Mehta. Her love for the dance and her desire to spread the joy of Odissi pervaded every part of the workshop. What made this workshop truly unique and special for my daughter and me were two things: One, was the way in which Jaya and Swaati brought some very mature and philosophical thoughts that our legends and myths are made of, to the children. Secondly, what was truly magical to me was the way in which the origin and evolution of Odissi was explained by her. Through the examples of stories, sculptures, paintings and the dance form itself, Jaya and Swaati were successfully able to bring out the understanding of the layers in this dance form. . Way to go - these classes are like a flower...in each class a new petal unfolds!
Shruti Dixit,
Landscape Architect
The biggest USP of the whole workshop has been the respectable teachers. The unique way of handling and cultivating the participation of both the kids and (otherwise) non-active Moms, to familiarize them to the dance was very remarkable. The whole module of the workshop was very interactive and interesting. I feel now-a-days it’s really hard to find teachers in any stream who take such pains & put so much of effort. They were immensely patient, extremely creative to design such a distinctive module. We are really thankful & fortunate for this. Kudos to the Gurus..!!
Stuti Malhotra Sharma,
Travel professional
The 'Children's Workshops' classes have been a fantastic experience. We couldn’t have asked for more. Both Jaya and Swaati were breathing Odissi into us! So motivated and involved one hundred percent. They couldn’t have put more of themselves into the workshop! Tishya is so enthusiastic about Odissi after the workshop that she keeps saying the bol and practicing the steps all the time! She even asked me once, "Mummy when papa gets angry what Rasa is it?!!
Tishya Gupta,
Children's Workshops
A new methodology for teaching Indian Classical Dance

Mum, ME and Odissi is a short term workshop that helps children and adults develop great passion and zest for learning, appreciating and performing Indian classical dance. The workshop’s entirely new teaching methodology illustrates the amazing beauty of Indian classical dance, music, painting, costumes, sculpture and aesthetics. Rather than the conventional method of teaching classical dance, this is an art appreciation course for an introduction to Odissi before the formal learning of the dance grammar begins.

‘Children's Workshops’ is also a highly personalized experience celebrating every child and intended as a bonding experience for mothers and children together.

In this workshop, you will experience:

  • Live performances by Odissi musicians (vocal, pakhawaj, sitar and flute) and an opportunity for participants to play the instruments themselves.
  • Live performances by professional Odissi dancers.
  • Wearing the Odissi sari costume and understanding the aesthetics of the costume.
  • Understanding how Orissa’s beautiful art forms reflect in Odissi, through slide presentations in a state-of-the-art studio space.
  • Experiencing our beloved gods in dance, through dance poses.
  • Art and craft activities to connect the children to the aesthetics of Odissi.
  • Printed material as a guide to the basics of Odissi.
  • Participation certificates for all the budding dancers!

The workshop is conducted by Jaya Mehta and Swaati Vivek, professional Odissi dancers based in New Delhi, trained in the Guru Surendra Nath Jena Odissi style by Guru Pratibha Jena Singh.

The ‘Children's Workshops’ workshop is open to individuals aged five years and above. The workshop is held over five sessions or in a more compact three session module. The program can also be customized for adults eager for an introduction to the beauty of Indian classical dance.
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