'The Poetic Saree' Book of Poems

Just like the silk saree that evokes jewel-like emotions within its wearer, Jaya Mehta brings a rich and sumptuous feel to poetry in 'the Poetic Saree'. The poems in this collection emerge from the dancer's dance. They are inspired by the themes of Indian art, the delights of nature, and the emotional landscapes of the heart.

Performed at the India Dans Festival and the International Poetry Festival in Netherlands, published by the Levure Litteraire and filmed as videos in the 'Poetic Saree project', these poems have a powerful multi-disciplinary quality that leaps off the page.

A luxurious visual feel to poetry

The dance production based on 'The Poetic Saree'

'The Boulder Being', is a one-of-a-kind dance production by Jaya Mehta, based on poems from her book , 'The Poetic Saree'. An international production, with many collaborations, her dance-poems bridge the binaries of the traditional and explorative. Inspired by the Odissi dance, she seamlessly weaves together the unspoken energy and elements of nature, and their powerful conversation with the human heart.

Watch a glimpse of the dance production

'The Poetic Saree' Audio book

Accompanied by the bright, lilting notes of the classical guitar, the dancer has narrated the poems in an inspirational audio book. With the belief that poetry is music in words, and it must be 'heard', Jaya Mehta has narrated the poems to create a refreshing river of poetry. The poems in their audio avataar, cascade onto the ears, and brighten and inspire each day.

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The Poetic Saree Video project

The talented film maker, Shabani Hassanwalia has filmed poem-dance videos with dancer Jaya Mehta in the beautiful backdrop of the Sanjay Van forest, the Neeli Hauz lake and the historic Hauz Khas complex in New Delhi. Inspired by the colours of the Odissi saree, and the experience of its dance, the videos mirror the inner and outer landscapes of the artiste.

Watch the Poetic Saree Videos on Youtube